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A Revolution in Neonatology: the BabyBloom nursing incubator.

The world’s first incubator developed to serve today’s needs of child, parents and neonatal care staff

Approximately 25,000 Australian babies are born prematurely every year.  Each of these babies faces a multitude of challenging problems including maintaining their body temperature, maturation of their lungs as well as the development of their sensory systems. They require monitoring of their heart beat, breathing and blood pressure, and sometimes invasive treatments and procedures such as ventilation, medications, and phototherapy.

For the premature neonate, the aim is to:  reduce infant stress; enhance recovery by conserving energy and; promote well-being and growth.  For the family the goal is to support and encourage parents to be the primary health caring role which in turn enhances social well being and family support, and together these constitute the Model Of Developmental Care.

Introducing a revolution in neonatology: the BabyBloom nursing incubator

Quiet, Comfortable and Protective

The BabyBloom Incubator has an integrated shield which can be easily adjusted to protect the infant from excessive noise and light.  It also has an innovative climate control providing the most stable and silent system available to premature babies.

Advanced Accessibility and Remote Access Camera

Both parents are able to make uncompromised contact with their baby from the first moments.  This revolutionary incubator boasts extensive height adjustment, and the never seen before leg space underneath, parents can have the closest contact with their baby, with even enough space to have the incubator directly over a sick mothers bed. The BabyBloom Incubator has an integrated camera allowing direct view of the infant on a touch screen monitor.  This camera provides remote access, to parents and family, when separation from their premature baby occurs.  The BabyBloom Incubator also has the Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) staff in mind with its ergonomic style which is also very easy to clean.