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In Vitro Technologies are the new exclusive distributors for Neotech products in Australia and New Zealand.

Neotech is an essential brand in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) around the world which include medical devices for the PICU (Paediatric Intensive Care Unit) & children’s oncology. Their groundbreaking products benefit both patients and clinicians that focus on Making a Difference… In the NICU, PICU and Beyond.

Neotech provides baby friendly care.

Neotech, understands that neonatal and pediatric patients need products and devices designed especially for their needs. That’s why they’ve developed a series of products designed to be gentle on tender skin.

Their NeoBond® Hydrocolloid Adhesive Strips are a smart alternative to acrylic tape and can sustain long-term attachment. Other products such as EZ-Hold®, NeoBridge® and Hold-A-Line™ use NeoBond adhesive to hold tubes in place while allowing for easy adjustments and better visibility.

Their patented NeoFoam® featured in many of their products, including the EZCare™ Softouch and NeoShades® with Headstrap, is designed to be gentle on skin and reduce irritation that other products can cause. NeoFoam is so unique, you have to feel it to believe it.

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Below are some products from the Neotech range

Micro NeoLead®

Neo Lead 640x480

ECG Electrodes

The small ECG electrodes on the Micro NeoLead are designed to help clinicians place the electrodes on infants. In addition to being conveniently sized, this product is radiolucent, making it nearly invisible on x-rays — which helps technicians avoid spending time on repositioning the electrodes during the imaging process. The Micro NeoLead’s electrodes possess hydrocolloid ends that minimizes slipping. The unique shape of the electrodes is ideal for limb leads.

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NeoPulse in use 1280x960 640x480

Disposable Pulse Oximeter Wrap

The NeoPulse from Neotech is a lightweight, adjustable, and disposable pulse oximeter wrap. The wrap comes in three sizes — small, large, and XL — so there is one suitable for nearly every neonatal and pediatric patient. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, and it helps to prevent odors by wicking away perspiration. The NeoPulse aims to be both comfortable and stable. It is not made with natural rubber latex, reducing concerns over allergies.

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NeoShades® with Headstrap

4 NeoShades in use 1280x960 640x480

Phototherapy Eye Shields

Neotech’s NeoShades with Headstrap are a practical option for protecting patients’ eyes during phototherapy. The NeoFoam headstrap is designed to prevent slipping and produce a secure fit, but it is easy to move or adjust when necessary. The gentle NeoFoam fabric of the headstrap is gentle on the skin and maximizes skin exposure in order to reduce sweating. The ocular pockets aim to provide the ultimate in patient comfort. A cute sunglasses design adds a splash of fun.

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Little Sucker® and Cover

1 Little Sucker in use 1280x960 640x480Oral & Nasal Suction Device and Cover

Neotech’s patented Little Sucker is the premier suctioning device across a variety of pediatric care environments, especially in the NICU. The original USA made Little Sucker has a soft, flexible tip made from hypoallergenic material. Its durability makes it suitable for parents in a home health setting as well. The clinician-invented Little Sucker Cover is designed to protect the Little Sucker from damage, debris and external contaminants.

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1 NeoSeal in use 1280x960Nasal Prongs Seal

The NeoSeal from Neotech is an innovative and comfortable nasal prongs seal that is designed to provide improved respiratory support. The seal adheres to the nasal prongs and not to the infant’s sensitive skin, a feature that clinicians have praised. A soft bumper protects the patient’s fragile nasal septum. The NeoSeal is available in three different sizes — micro, small, and large — so there is an option to fit most prongs.

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NeoSmile in use 1280x960Temperature Probe Cover

When you need a skin friendly temperature probe cover, the Neotech NeoSmile Temperature Probe Cover featuring NeoBond Hydrocolloid is your best choice. NeoSmile securely holds the probe in place for reliable readings. The probe cover is designed for long-lasting adhesion without the use of natural rubber latex or plasticizer DEHP, and the reflective foil cover helps protect the probe from ambient and radiant heat in an incubator. Its cute smiley face design makes NeoSmile ideal for neonatal and pediatric use.

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