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Stephan are the industry leader in ventilation systems for premature and newborn infants. Suitable for all conventional ventilation forms and optimally prepared for the particular demands on humans and technology in the ventilation of newborns and premature babies – our respirators for the youngest patients. 

F120 Mobile Respiratory System

F120 mobilSuitable for Children’s Intensive Care Units and mobile Use

Ventilation System for Newborns

Prematurely born infants or children requiring respiratory support must be adequately cared for on the scene and not just in the children’s intensive care unit. The F120 mobile respiratory system is the perfect solution – even in vehicles or in emergency situations. It was specifically designed for these applications, is flexible, user-friendly and robust. Ideally suited to quickly and reliably ensure optimal ventilation in critical situations.


  • Spontaneous breathing on demand
  • Safe and reliable
  • Integrated Humidifier System
  • Flexible and Mobile

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EasyFlow nCPAP

Teaserbild 1 400x225Perfect Fit and gentle Application

When it comes to optimal ventilation of premature and newborns, it is not only necessary to have powerful systems that meet the specific requirements of neonatology to a high degree. Likewise, the accessories have to fit snugly and be easy to use. Like the prongs and masks of our EasyFlow system accessories, harmonizing perfectly with both our SOPHIE and STEPHANIE ventilators. You are using neonatal ventilators by other manufacturers? If these are standard models, our EasyFlow accessories also fit your device.

Children have different head sizes and grow quickly. Our system accessories are optimally suited:

  • Available in various different sizes: nasal prongs, masks and headbands
  • Adjustable length and/or height: prong and mask via magnet and headbands
  • Easy to use: self-adhesive forehead pads requiring no additional fixation can be applied immediately after birth using Velcro fasteners and fixing straps

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